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Redefining the standard of care for solid tumors

Therapeutic Areas

For every cancer patient who responds to today’s treatment options, countless don’t. Our goal with AAV immuno-gene therapy is for robust treatment response to be the rule, not the exception. And we’re starting with brain and eye cancers.

geometric representations of a brain and eye

Why brain and eye cancers?

These are notoriously difficult-to-treat cancers and often carry a devastating prognosis. The unmet need for patients with these cancers is dire.

The opportunity for Siren to help is massive.

Attempts to effectively treat brain and eye cancers with systemic drugs have largely failed. Systemic drugs can’t cross the blood brain barrier and get to the tumor site. They are too toxic, and they are generally ineffective against these tumors.

Our combination of AAV cytokine vectorization, direct tumor-targeting, and multi-layered safety approaches bypass these challenges and makes our approach ideally suited for brain and eye cancers.

Stay tuned for more details on our pipeline!